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Just wanted to say thanks for the class. I can't believe how much I "discovered" during the class. My creative output as a result of "controlling" the environment and my photoshop/lightroom skills have taken my photos to a new level. I'm practicing today, but here is the result of a couple photos we took.

lighting workshopsSo, here's your official endorsement. There is no embellishment here either.

About two setups into the class, a light bulb, tungsten of course, began to go off for me. I began to want to transform from what had been largely big strobes and soft boxes for me, to these more portable and in my mind now, even more flexible lighting mechanisms. I stepped outside to call my wife and let her know I was going to sign her up for the very next class in Denver. For lack of a better term, I was giddy with the new found power that you and your talented group had given us. I never considered doing a career in photography, I just like to take professional looking photos, but after your class it crossed my mind several times. The other photography workshops I've taken seem like a complete waste of time compared to what I learned in what seemed like an extremely short 8 hour day. – Jay

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Thanks for a great learning experience and a well organized, informative workshop. Your desire to help was very evident, your communication skills were very good and I especially liked the way you set up the shots so that we could participate, ask questions, try different things. Through this process we were able to gain insight into your creative thought process. Your team carried the same spirit of sharing and they were also a delight to work with. professional lighting techniquesThe resource CD is excellent and contains some very useful and easily overlooked information. Your sharing of devices you have made/modified to make lighting easier and less costly are also appreciated. Personally, I thank you for sharing, not only your experiences working with corporate clients, but your candor in how to work with them and to provide excellent service at a fair market value. In short, it was a pleasure to learn for a "real working" photographer. "Small strobes/big results"---HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ~ Mike Schultz

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I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your workshop this weekend. The workshop was very well organized and you have a great teaching style. I especially appreciated how many different lighting setups we went through. That was by far the best one day photography seminar I've attended. The information was very practical and I plan on using that easy headshot setup we did while taking a few corporate headshots this week at work. The workshop was just what I was looking for. I'll be keeping an eye out for your 5 day Santa Fe Workshops class next year. That sounds like a lot of fun. professional lightingPlease thank your assistants Erik and Ian for me. They really helped keep everything on track and running smoothly. Feel free to use this email as an endorsement if you like. Thanks again!" ~ Jim Rice

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David Tejada is a great photographer and teacher. His workshop, Small Strobes Big Results, has given me an excellent foundation for which to further my off camera lighting techniques. David's style is friendly and hands on. His enthusiasm and passion for the subject is inspiring. His expertise in lighting techniques and his knowledge of the industry are invaluable. If you have the opportunity to take one of his workshops, I'd definitely recommend that you do. Take care. ~ Josh

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Hey David, just wanted to thank you for the informative lighting workshop. It's nice to know I don't need to break the bank or my back for that matter to have great lighting. It's always inspiring to work with such a talented and crafty photographer. Thanks again and take care" ~ Don Karle

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